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Our eco-friendly policy


Our eco-friendly policy at the Hôtel*** de L'Europe in Angers.

​We are very much aware of the fragile environmental balance of our planet and of our responsibilities as hotel owners.  We have therefore defined and put into practice a number of eco-friendly gestures.


Water management

  • Showers, taps and toilets equipped with water efficient systems. 
  • Limited number of washing machines. Customer information regarding towel washing on request policy.  


Energy management

  • Old lightbulbs replaced with energy saving lightbulbs. 
  • Radiators equipped with thermostats. 
  • Regular maintenance of our installations, once or twice a year (water heater, electricity, gas...).
  • Installation of ceiling fans instead of energy consuming air-conditioning. 
  • Lights turned out when leaving a room.  
  • Electrical devices not put on standby: televisions turned off after the departure of each client or put on energy saving position. 


Waste management and recycling

  • Recycling of certain products: lightbulbs, ink cartridges, batteries, boxes, glass.  
  • Limited use of individual packaging: no individual portions at breakfast, shampoo distributors in the bathrooms, reusable glasses in the bathrooms.   


Paper management

  • Use of lightweight paper.  
  • Use of paper on both sides.  


Management of cleaning products and room service 

  • Reduced number of cleaning products.  
  • Use of phosphate free detergents.
  • Use of eco-friendly product for cleaning all sufaces. 
  • Systematic airing of all rooms and bathrooms. 


Management and choice of food products for breakfast 

  • Suppression of individual portions.
  • Order fresh breads and pastries every day from a nearby bakery.


We offer fresh seasonal ingredients and at least 5 organic or locally sourced products.

  • Breads and pastries: From a local bakery
  • Eggs : Organic or farm 
  • Honey : Local producer
  • Jams : Artisanal
  • Coffee : Roasted locally
  • Fruit : Local farms (certain fruits)  
  • Yoghurts : Farm


We are committed to sustainability.  We therefore inform our staff of our actions and regularly improve our procedures.


During your stay at the hotel, you too can support our action by adopting a few simple gestures.